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Horseback Riding

This is a list of Horseback riding trails, distance, and links to their locations. Please contact location managers for more information.

Trail Name Location Miles
Scott Bridle Trail Scott State Park 7
Hillsdale State Park Trail System Hillsdale State Park 24
Perry Equestrian Trail Perry State Park 25
Cowboy Riding Area (800 Acres) Eisenhower State Park -------
Eagle Ridge Trail Milford State Park 8
North Randolph Trail Tuttle Creek State Park 13
Boulder Bluff Trail Eldorado State Park 12
Kanopolis Trails Kanopolis State Park 26
Pond Trail Sand Hills State Park 1.5
Prairie Trail Sand hills State Park 1.9
Rolling Hills Sand Hills State Park 3.8
Tallgrass Trail Sand Hills State Park 2.2
Woodland Trail Sand Hills State Park 1.2