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Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.

Hal K

Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.

Officer Logbook 3.10.15

This last week I worked in my office, tagged bobcats, checked fisherman and attended Cabela's Walleye tournament planning meeting.

A successful completion of a report.  Other data entry such as bobcat tagging report submitted with data transferred to spreadsheet.  Attended a tournament meeting, range board meeting.  Replaced a doorknob for planned evidence room.  Scout troop at range Saturday for shooting as part of their camp out.  Thanks to the volunteer range safety officers help for instruction.  Uniforms ordered in October arrived.

Assisted with a minor injury vehicle accident in snowy weather. Traveled around conducting a background check on a potential new hire.  Tagged a few cats throughout the week and attended a meeting in reference to a big fishing tourney coming to Lake this spring.  Attended a County Crime-stopper awards banquet.  Completed background check and finalized.  Off for part of the weekend due to excess hours worked.

Used some Comp time on Sunday.  Monday tagged some cats.  Compiled 28 day stats.  Met some guys to tag some bobcats.  Met with an individual who wanted to report a snare and some traps that were not being attended during the trapping season.  Off Tues/Wed. Met GW on Thursday to get him some video that could be used for the 4-State meeting.  Spent most of the day Friday in the office. Saturday morning responded to a vehicle that was found by the marina.  Driver had lost control around 11pm the previous night, went through a barricade and into the ice covered lake.  He managed to get out OK but evidentially thought it wasn't necessary to report it yet.  The ice made it very difficult but did finally manage to remove the car form the lake.  Tagged some more cats.  Gave a presentation at the State Park involving trapping laws and regulations.  This was their first Furharvester Introductory Class and I thought it was a huge success.  Very impressed with the class as a whole.

Tried to make the best of a slow week patrolling snow covered landscape in counties finding only a few out. One, a road hunter, I followed for several miles, he just didn’t find anything to shoot. Did get to assist SO K-9 Officer after his K-9 got a hit on truck.  Some drugs and a stolen pistol removed from the truck. Tagged a few bobcats.  Made a trip to office for some stuff and took Saturday off as comp-time.

Sunday worked another group of coyote hunters.  Checked one coyote wagon with an infant in a car seat in the front seat of a truck.  Checked his license, shook my head and continued to the next hunter.  Looked for goose hunters in county.  I found several large groups of snow geese in fields but was unable to locate any hunters.  Monday worked in the office.  Tuesday tagged cats, patrolled and spent a little time talking with the Sheriff in county and checked on the status of a case with the county attorney.  Wednesday spent the day at the office while my truck was getting new shocks and tires.  In the evening was called to a injured hawk in County.  Thursday made the rounds tagging more cats.  I also met officers to transfer evidence, uniform items, and retrieve body cam videos for the upcoming 4 state meeting.

This week I patrolled around SN Co.   I checked on some more coyote complaints. I worked on getting an air boat speced out.  I tagged some bobcats and checked on an injured Canada Goose. I completed stats report and worked some in my office.

Spent a lot of the week running around tagging cats in several counties.  Picked up rifle out of evidence lock-up and returned to customer.  General patrol, not finding much activity.  Ice anglers having some luck towards the end of the week.

Tagged three cats this week bringing the total to 21. Numbers have been declining every year. Met acting LT. to receive uniform items. Had vehicle serviced and returned seized firearms per court order. Located and checked half a dozen dog wagons. Number seven got back across the state line before I could get to him.......wonder what his hurry was???? Other six checked out fine.

Checked a few goose hunters. Took custody of a coyote pelt that had been draped across the tailgate of a pickup. Completed admin reports and picked up office supplies at the Region office. Worked on an investigation.  Received a call regarding some suspicious tire tracks in a field. Picked up a discarded Ross goose and Snow goose just off Hwy. Tagged three bobcats. Spent some time doing surveillance in problem area.

Sunday helped in Co with more illegal traps and worked in the office.  Monday took guns to RO, spoke to investigator about a case, went to Co for dead lama and worked in the office.  Tuesday worked in the office on reports and public land information.  Wednesday received a report of dead turkey in tree, went to Reg office and worked in the office.  Thursday went to Co court for paperwork, patrolled but very slow.  I went and investigated dead turkey in tree.  It was hanging upside down because it had a foot hold trap on it's foot.  

I worked in the office on upcoming regional meeting plans.  Met with officers for some discussion and to prep for legislative hearing.  More administrative tasks.

Took guns to be armored. Tagged a bobcat for a nonresident hunter.  Worked on a couple of wildlife investigations.  Rode with Lt.  Checked some anglers at the Wildlife Area.

Office admin chores. Met with victim from Lake medical to pin point location on the water, glad to see he was in much better shape than when he was in hospital. Off on funeral leave rest of week.

Caught a head cold that refuses to go away.  According to the doctor’s office, there are many reported cases.  Friday, responded to Middle School do to a request to help in a search of the school for a possible weapon.  Luckily no weapon found.  Continued to work on packing up inventory.   Saturday rode with Officer.  Ran into a bobcat tagging problem as it related to a non-resident and education requirements.  Packed my truck and will make my last state funded trip to regional office.   I feel fortunate to have been hired by this agency and allowed to have 29 years of various, and sometimes unexpected, experiences.  Best wishes to my fellow teammates.

Last week tagged Bobcats. Patrolled and found a few anglers. Friday attended 8 hours of active shooter scenario training using simunitions which was fun. Saturday checked coyote callers on Wildlife Area. Sunday morning checked anglers at the heated dock at County Lake, then looked for anglers/hunters on Reservoir and Wildlife area but wind, snow and cold must have kept them inside so I patrolled for coyote dog wagons in the County Flint Hills. No activity seen.

Last week on Monday I worked in the office.  Off Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday I tagged some bobcats, turned in paperwork to the CA, and got my truck serviced.  Friday I patrolled around reservoir finding some crappie anglers having very good luck and got dispatched to a call with parks about an argument between a 14 year old and her dad.  Saturday and Sunday patrolled state lake and reservoir, and tagged cats.  Called on an interesting call on Sunday evening about a person who lives by the wildlife area who was possibly threatening a hunter by his house.

Worked in the office.  Completed online Intox 8000 recert training.  Worked on equipment and other paperwork.  Very little in the way of people out and about in the county.  Most of the week was spent making appointments to tag cats.  Did health screening at county courthouse.  Tagged cats most of the weekend, except for helping with a hunter ed course on Sunday.  This week will be working on getting bobcat paperwork turned in. 

I was off on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday training officer and I attended the 800 radio training. We then tagged a bobcat and Officer drove me around his region. On Thursday we went up to County to meet with the dispatch, SO, and county clerk. We also checked a few fishermen at County Lake. On Thursday we tagged another bobcat, we checked trout fishermen at CO Park, and we followed up on a couple of complaints Officer had gotten. On Saturday we went up to County Lake to patrol and we checked several fishermen at the Reservoir Dam and Broken Bridge. I had Sunday off.

Tagged more cats this week and took truck to shop to get mirror fixed.  Investigated a deer found dead in county, learned it was a road kill, issued a salvage tag and completed KLER report for that.  Got a report of possible poaching in county, all the information was old and mostly suspicions that someone was poaching on the RP's land without any real evidence.  I investigated and turned in a KLER report.   Worked on a field trial permit for counties.  Having some problems with computer programs.  Worked in the office and used some sick leave this week.  Off on four day weekend.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; processed KLER reports; Intoxilyzer 8000 re-certification; compiled information about public lands in the District; composed and sent letters concerning seized firearms; and worked in the Regional Office. Weekend off.

This week patrolled, finding mostly dog wagons coyote hunting.  Issued a salvage tag in a car/deer accident.  Investigated what I believe was a bobcat, not a group of baby cougars, that came onto a porch of a house in the woods in Montgomery Co.  Assisted PL Riggins and Warden Stenstrom with a couple of guys that fled from Riggins when he stopped them to chat.  Submitted my public land stats and the normal office work.

This week spent a lot of time tagging cats and a few otters. I did my recertification on the Intoxilyzer. I took bobcat jaws and otter jaws to research office and stopped by the wing-bee. Activity slow most of the week with only seven boats at County Lake on Saturday.

Monday Leave, Tues and Wednesday off. Thursday office work and catch up. Worked with Game Warden and Emporia State University to reserve the pool for upcoming training. Forwarded applications to Major. Friday attempted to locate and serve an arrest warrant for a frequent violator with 8 current counts of wildlife violations, including two felony commercialization charges. Finally contacted the suspect in the afternoon after his goose hunt was over and transported him to the county jail. Thanks to Game Warden for the assistance from afar in arranging backup. Saturday patrolled to the marina and surprisingly no one was there. Even the marina store was locked up, but the lights were on. Patrolled to another reservoir and found one angler. Patrolled to a third reservoir and a city lake and didn't find anybody else out in the beautiful weather. Lot of geese observed. Sunday tagged a last minute "the office is closed on Sunday but I killed this thing in December can you come give me a tag for it right now, bobcat",  then met with Game Wardens and armored our handguns.   

Patrol. Found an individual cleaning rabbits on the tailgate by the river and no hunting license. Called to a dead bald eagle lying in the middle of a county road. No apparent electrocution burns, bullet holes, blood, or anything abnormal. Processed as evidence and referred to USFWS. Assisted Warden with K9 training and met with a landowner over a trespassing issue. Tagged several cats and a few otters. 

I worked up at KLETC all week helping new recruits with firearms training.

RO, Monday minutes, time sheets, KLER reports, tagged bobcats and more bobcats, checking fishermen at area lakes, looked for rabbit hunters during the snow, helped CO SO with 10-46, 10-47, deputy’s PBT was 10-6 so he used mine, subject blew a .306. 

Worked in the office on general office inquires. Tagging bobcats and otters. Had two injured deer to put down. Checking fishermen on the nice days or nicer part of days. Found some guys coyote hunting. Moving Christmas trees to west lake in Park.

Weather being up and down has reduced the fishing pressure in the area. I have tagged several cats.  Helped the SO with looking for an arson suspect who is a known poacher.  I also took GW to the wing bee for half a day which was a good refresher for us both. 

This week completed stats and other office work. Assisted Game Warden with canine training. Checked a few boats and fisherman on Saturday. Checked a few controlled shooting area hunters. Received info on a Non Resident hunter cheating our permit system.  Assisted SO with attempt to locate an individual with numerous warrants. Assisted PD with a traffic accident.

Spent time catching up on reports to turn into the CA. Met with a landowner who caught someone on trail camera hunting during the January antlerless season. Since the guy will not call him back he wants to press charges. Tagged cats and otters. Worked on setting up water survival training for SO and our new officers. Checked some hunters on a new CSA. Checked a couple boats and fishermen. Assisted PL Manager with locating suspects that ran from him while trespassing along the railroad.  Ended up locating them. Assisted SO with search of suspect with 7 outstanding felony warrants. He was eventually found hiding under a bunch of clothes in the backseat of a car. Ran training tracks with K-9.

Looked for more illegal traps on Sunday. Spent the rest of the week on a background investigation.

This week I attended the Wing B with Warden. Caught a man shooting a turkey in County. Transferred evidence to RO. General Office duties. Wrestled KLER. Had a meeting with the county attorney concerning a case. Checked several fishermen and boats at Lake. Tagged cats.

Still researching gun. Will meet the suspect tomorrow and return one gun which will leave just one mystery gun left in the safes. Updated the photo boat inventory. That led to researching a couple of questions from inventory section. Should be able to get her questions answered this week. The crud is going around at the office so helped out there while they were short staffed. Tagging cats. Got a call from the engineer who is working on the WA boathouse details. Sound like that project is moving forward. Off on a four day weekend

Last week was busy with trying to answer phone calls from the last couple of weeks of taking annual leave, follow-up with several LO's, LEO's, CA's and Game Wardens regards to cases, firearms, training, information, complaints ect.  Tagging Swift Fox and Bob Cats was also completed. 

Interviewed individual suspected of license fraud and caretaker of poachers camp. Of course he knows nothing of who hunts and stays at his house or even if there was a deer shot there this past season. Conversation went south when I noticed a picture on his living room wall from this year with an individual who I was asking about and he knew nothing about holding a turkey. Went to leave and noticed deer hair and blood on the ground next to a bucket with 26 deer legs in it. Investigation on going with the assistance of CO Wildlife and Parks. Went to court and watched GW seal the deal.

Completed case reports for CA's, KLER Reports, tagged cats, returned phone calls, sportsman contacts, assisted GW with unloading of equipment, investigated trapping complaint, more office work and court. Transferred HE orange guns to HE in the schools, general patrol checking a few catching walleye along dam until cold front hit.

Tagged some bobcats. Met with Lt in Hoxie for new cellphone case. Met GW to borrow district metal detector. Met with biologist to work on deer damage complaint. Dealt with someone harvesting fur during closed season. Got my first boat check of the season at reservoir a few hours before it started snowing.

Court in county and then met with court house staff.  Checked fishermen at reservoir regularly still catching trout, but fishing on the lake is slow.  Went to RO and turned in BPCs.  Tagged Bobcats.  Checked fishermen at reservoirs; fishing activity was very low.

Completed routine office work.  I was called by a county landowner who accused a cougar of eating his dog.  I responded to the area and located the dog, a 6 month old pup, running in a milo field approximately 1 mile away from the farmhouse about 20 minutes later.  The dog owner was surprised and happy I located his dog.  Participated in meeting regarding domestic terrorism.  Tagged bobcats in county.  Patrolled goose hunters over the weekend.  Found multiple groups of hunters, having limited success.  Two NTA’s issued for no hunting license, issued one for no federal duck stamp.   Responded to a call for assistance from Co SO as they approached county regarding an active pursuit on county roads late Sunday.  Suspect was suspected of DUI – drugs and visibly affected.  EMS arrived and transported him to Salina.

Finished up cat tagging. Court matters. Worked a case. Returned call to CA office to answer some of their questions on restitution. Took a couple days off. 

Had a few complaints over the weekend of Coyote hunters. Checked a few goose hunting allot of snow goose hunters. Had a few people trout fishing area lakes. Finishing up on tagging cats overall had a slow trapping season mainly due to price of fur.

Spent a lot of time running around tagging cats. Seized traps after they were unchecked for several days. Pulled plotwatchers from trespass complaint. Went to scenario meeting about reservoir dam. Helped pick up new equipment for new hire. Attended the KFA fur auction and tagged cats there. Prices weren't quite as dismal as I was expecting. Worked Lake for fisherman after receiving complaint. Complaint turned out to be very good info and resulted in some tickets after just a little bit of watching the fisherman.

Tagged cats.  Took radio to get worked on.  To RO to get new battery charger for boat shed and price other items for the boat.  Reports.

Tagged cats. Assisted GW with moving his truck around. Had bald eagle that turned up dead but luckily there was no signs of foul play.

Spent time shuffling truck from shop to shop. Still no word on problem being fixed. Spent time in office and tagging last minute cats.

Reviewed reports and worked on various office tasks. Attended a portion of the parks/public lands in-service and received some good training with updates on search and seizure and recent court rulings. Checked fishermen. Traveled around county tagging bobcats. Off over the weekend.

Most of week just ran around tagging cats, ended season tagging 105. Low compared to past years of 300+. Took pics off plot camera to local PD to see if they could ID some guys shooting off a local bridge, turns out they could. One was convicted felon and the other was suspect in recent burglary who stole some firearms.Wednesday worked with K9 training, then with K9 Deputy. Assisted with a shooting call in county on way home. Weekend slow and attended hunter ed.

Game warden came down to do a background check on a possible new hire so took him around town so he could talk to different people about the kid we hired.  Typed a report for Sheriffs office.  Worked the gun show. 

Spent all week at the wingbee identifying duck wings. Very informative and great way to learn duck identification by wings only. Spent Sunday chasing coyote wagons out after the snow. Prepared for upcoming program.

Investigated dead eagle.  Gun Show.  Office.

Patrol. Tagged cats. Game breeder inspection. Office. Assist Co. S.O. with 10-48. Gun show.

Gun Shows.  New hire preparation.  Investigated dead deer. Thought deer season was over. Office.  Sick leave.

Met with Game Warden and discussed FTO forms and our training plan for the week. Attended court in County with Officers and Lt.  Met with County judge, DA, and sheriff's department staff. Patrolled and learned the area around reservoir and the wildlife refuge. Met the refuge staff. Patrolled Counties and learned the area around Lake including state wildlife area. Visited regional office, met staff, and received equipment. Met with Officer to exchange bobcat tags.

Pipeline Training Monday.  Had court in County Wednesday.  Tagged a cat, wrote a warning for no Furharvester license. Investigated deer shot on depredation "hunt." Mailed two NTAs for no deer tags and fail to tag to CO Sheriff’s Deputy. Assisted GW with dog training.

Attended pipeline training, reports, attended court, completed office work and end of month reports, completed bobcat tagging data sheets, completed K-9 training, cleaned office, answered calls on upcoming turkey season, general patrol.

Poor weather reduced nearly all activity, nearly no fishing activity. Had court in County.  Met with some sportsmen about getting certified to teach hunter safety.  Met with a rancher about coyotes killing calves in County.  Met with parks about helping with OK kids day.   Got a call about some possible poached deer in County.

Followed up on some cases and collected statements. Compiled data on this season’s tagging records. Worked on KLER and other office work. Went out on a sick deer call with an emaciated whitetail in a farmer’s barn.

Office work including kler, bpc return & refund paperwork on some district items; worked on power point presentation; attended court in County on game warden’s spotlight & misrep case where suspects were found guilty, lost their guns, and ordered to reimburse the department for our State vehicle mileage.

Patrolled snow goose hunters, checking and locating several groups.  Shuttled patrol truck back from RO to facilitate equipment issue.  Held district meeting.  Worked in office.  Transferred GW to for backup patrol truck as his is in shop. 

Finished with the last of the cat tagging, and mailed those off. Worked bottoms for geese. Had a few trout fishing at Lake on the nice days. Went to reservoir to see who was fishing. There were a few but very depressing with the lack of water. Attended district meeting. Worked on upcoming cases for the next waterfowl season.

Attended district meeting. Spent quite a bit of time in office due to vehicle repair. That allowed me to clear up old cases, and reclaim my desk. One of the highlights was finding all the LO/T investigation paperwork from a few years ago. Was shuffled to RO to pick up spare vehicle to use. Had to replace battery in that. Next day went to pickup the bare essentials of equipment out of truck to  patrol. Not many out with the weather what it was. Sunday started with an OGT of a poached and dumped doe. Investigated carcass, no bullet/arrow holes. Checked with SO about any 47s from day before. Sure enough, had 1 and a salvage tag was issued. Met with individual about not dumping carcasses without permission.

First responder on a reported local domestic disturbance. Subjects not in relationship so battery charges filed. Filed charges on waterfowl case. Completed bobcat sheet to mail in. Assisted a CO with an investigation. Attended district meeting. Everyone got to speak so that was good. Off on 4 day.  

Worked in the office on reports early in the week. Attended district meeting on Wednesday. Office on Thursday and departed for IAMI conference on Friday. Travel Friday and Saturday.

Had a call on an eagle that they thought was hurt, but when got there the pair took off.  Boat maintenance. District meeting.  Work on bids for door opener.  Reports.

Worked on various office tasks. Checked trout fishermen at Park and found a couple of coyote callers at reservoir. Most everyone else was just driving around in the snow. Worked some on the racial profiling training. Taught hunter safety and picked up a dead bald eagle found in the refuge at reservoir.

Spent the last week doing TO training with new officer in Counties.

Back from four day, returned some phone calls and emails, worked on tracking logs, picked up some hunter ed equipment, met with west district guys who helped K-9 out by laying some tracks for her and I to run, picked up more HE equipment, prepared for and conducted HE class on Sat.

Monday took nuisance coyote and bobcat calls and k9 training. Wednesday K9 use, located 3 poached, rifle shot bucks. Took 2 rifles to evidence in RO.  Saturday assisted KHP most of the day on an 8+ car 10-48 on the turnpike near Oklahoma, ended up pulling 2 out of ditches. Rest of weekend follow up on illegal trapping and coyote hunter patrol.  Sunday received/returned call from KWCH news wanting to do a story on urban coyote problems in and who people should call.

Spent the week training new officer, worked in counties. Followed up on deer case out of county and determined there were no violation. Assisted PD with accident and assisted a motorist with vehicle problems. Responded to women that fell through ice at north park. Her dog ran out on ice and she tried to go get the dog. In doing so she fell through and drowned. She was in her 20's dog also deceased. Picked up injured owl took it to eagle valley raptor center.

Had truck serviced. Worked in the office to catch up from being gone. Transported a hawk to rehab. Dropped off evidence at regional office, and checked a few trout fishermen braving the cold. Off on 4-day.

Made two trips to RO this week to get deer heads from case to return to landowners due to new law.  Worked in the office on paperwork.  Met up and helped run some tracks for him and K-9 to work.

Office. Tagged cats. Court on dog wagon operators. 3 violators pled no contest and paid $1600 in fines. Patrol. Worked on presentation. Prepared documents for court next week.

Finished up bobcat season and turned in paperwork.  Patrolled area for hunters.  Responded to 1-vehicle rollover accident on Friday.  

Tagged last minute bobcats for individuals. Met with GWC and discussed the training manual and plan. Attended a program discussing wildlife habitat. Trained GWC for Phase 3 step 1 covering various training tasks.

This last week I worked on K-9 issues, patrolled, attended 4 State and worked in my office.

Spent some time looking for trout fisherman.  Talked to a NADC permit holder about some of his activities.  To Ka-comm to have portable radio repaired.  Ordered some K-9 supplies.  Delivered schedule to dispatch and other paperwork to C.A. office.  Completed requested and required KLER paperwork and other reports.  Sent in Bobcat tag summary (only tagged 29 cats this year) Did a telephone interview for journal on coyotes on my day off.  Assisted P.D. with a domestic.  Hunter Ed. class was cancelled for the weekend due to lack of interest.  

Used some vacation Sunday. Spoke with individual that was searching for arrowheads on a property and when asked he didn't even know who owed the piece of land.  Attended status hearing for deer case from last year.  Assisted S.O.Tuesday night with an aggravated battery/criminal threat in the county.  Search for individual went on for a few hours with the individual never being located that night.  Attended 4-State meeting on Wednesday.  Took truck in to get serviced, had 100,000 mile service done and transmission line fixed.

Heard coyote hunters radio hunting with a few violations suspected, met with lieutenant for delivery of uniforms and evidence plans.  Gathered gear for incident management exercise and training for the week.  Checked on report of off road vehicles, target shooting, and a suspicious dead deer.

Tagged some cats on the last day as always.  General patrol finding nobody out.  Assisted SO with an injury accident on highway.  Issued salvage tag for an injured button buck.  Attended 4-state meeting.  Competed STATS and other paperwork. As the snow rolled in, I assisted SO again with detouring traffic off of I-70 after a couple injury accidents left it closed.  

Completed cat tagging and sent off forms.  Attended retirement luncheon for retiring officer.  Attended 4-State in County.  Assisted with completing inventory of items in the RO LE lockup.  Worked in my office. Patrol on a snowy Saturday not finding any activity in Counties.

Sunday I was off.   Monday spent a couple of hours in the office working on last minutes stuff for 4 state meeting.  Tuesday attended a retirement party for Lt.  While there had a person back into my patrol truck.  Wednesday had 4 state meeting. We had a really good turnout, I was able to meet new officers from Missouri and Nebraska.  Thursday worked in the office completing numerous tasks including completing agency a vehicle accident report, sending in bobcat tagging information and working on two upcoming Hunter Education classes. Friday had my oil changed and was suppose to get my tail light fixed.  Ended up they didn't order the correct tail light so now I have to take it back in Monday.  Saturday patrolled and worked the sports show.  

I attended a retirement party for Lt. on Tues. I attended a 4 state meeting on Wed. I used a day of AL on Thurs.  Friday I went to the Reg. office and patrolled some around Co. I also took the racial profiling yearly training.  On Sat. I patrolled counties looking for goose hunters and worked in my office some.

Received a call regarding an injured deer but was unable to locate it. Patrolled around WA; caught a subject that shot two tom turkeys with his .22 rifle.  Worked on an investigation.  Responded to a complaint regarding a subject shooting Canada geese.  The subject called me while I was enroute and turned himself in for shooting a Canada while shooting at several snows.  Checked a few coyote hunters. Worked on KLER.

Monday worked in the office and went to HB 2341 hearing.  Tuesday worked in the office, measured kill site of case and dealt with a truck that backed into SL.  Thursday worked in the office on KLER, took tickets to court, went to check to see if truck was out of SL and picked up bobcat  Friday found landowner for Co case, call of an injured red tailed hawk on turnpike (hawk flew away on arrival) and patrolled.  Saturday worked in the office and picked up bobcat from a Co resident.

Last week on Monday I worked in the office on KLER, sent in bobcat info, and updating my GPS.  Tuesday I patrolled finding nobody. Wednesday I did some running around and found a few people out.  Off Thursday and Friday.  Saturday patrolled in a winter wonderland checking some rabbit hunters. Sunday found a coyote wagon and a few rabbit hunters.  Very slow week with little activity seen.

Worked in the office preparing and sending bobcat paperwork.  Worked around the county finding very little.  Couple of anglers trying their luck, but still a little early.  Assisted County SO with a 10-32 suicidal subject driving an old military style feed truck.  Subject failed to stop, drove over spike strips that actually worked on the front tires eventually, with speeds only around 50 mph.  Subject finally stopped and did not comply with commands and was tased by a deputy.  All turned out OK.  Worked on time sheets, weekend off.  

I had Monday off. On Tuesday we assisted with the front desk at the Regional Office, review training tasks, and fishing patrol. On Wednesday I checked some fishermen at Reservoir and looked around County including State Fishing Lake. On Thursday we checked an injured deer call, didn't find anything. We gathered information on a double take deer case from county and patrolled. On Friday I spent the day recovering an injured owl and taking it to the Raptor Center. On Saturday we patrolled, finished up the deer case by clearing up the information with the "suspect", and completed racial profiling training. On Sunday we patrolled  CO Park and drove around Lake,

Turned in bobcat tagging data.  Signed off on and mailed in a Field Trail permit for Counties.  Helped area wildlife biologist deliver an overdue payment to a walk in hunting landowner.  Made a trip and picked up subpoenas for court. Helped County Sheriffs with a case involving two 18 year old boys trying to drive their truck up the back side of city lake dam until they got stuck. Talked with several sportsman about the 2015 deer season and helped get them information about tags and what nonresidents needed to hunt deer in Kansas.  Turned in KLER reports and took a call about coyotes eating livestock. Completed the required online racial or Other Biased-based Policing training.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; process KLER reports; attended retirement luncheon; worked in the Regional Office; compiled and submitted bobcat tagging data; collected and distributed an LE type glove quote from contractor; sent out tentative 28-day schedule; worked on returning seized firearms from past officer's cases; checked my mobile 800 radios for errors; and delivered TO book to GW. Saturday returned seized firearms to owners and assisted with a vehicle that ran off into a field due to the snow. Sunday patrolled for hunters and anglers in Co, checking one angler at bridge that caught 10 crappie and one bluegill. 

Monday patrolled, rescued a Sharp-shinned Hawk from a downtown building.  Tuesday patrolled, assisted SO in the search for a serial arsonist, who has been setting pastures, hay bales and barns on fire.  Off Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday, did some office work, assisted Warden on an interview and taught hunter ed class.  Saturday and Sunday patrolled, finding some dog wagons out hunting coyotes. 

This week armored a few more pistols. I attended retirement luncheon. I finished up bobcat information. I checked a couple ice fishermen this week. One said his son had caught 50 through the ice at reservoir on Wednesday. Off over the weekend.

Patrolled for an arsonist. Dealt with an upset individual over the phone who was irate about a mountain lion killing their livestock and no evidence to go on. Found out later that day the individual was arrested by the sheriff's office. Had guns armored by Warden. Met with a landowner over some general questions. Patrolled for fishermen and then coyote hunters in the snow. Completed online Intoxilyzer 8000 re-certification. Assisted with Hunter Ed. Had a report of drunk rabbit hunters but was unable to locate the vehicle.

General patrol of district. Finding some fishermen at the local lakes. Helped the local fish bio and wildlife bio. Took a call of a tracking collar found in the woods at a field and was reported as being a KDWP&T tracking collar and it was too big to be for a dog. (Suggested as a collar used for "big cats").  Went and found the collar and it turned out to be a dog collar used for tracking coon dogs. It has been in the woods for a long time. Worked in the office and on some equipment.

Re-certified on Intox 8000. Typed Bobcat tagging info for the year. Worked on WIHA to hopefully settle the chaos between the locals and out-of-state waterfowl hunters. Met with a landowner who says they are still shooting at deer on his property and driving around on his property. Patrolled local water bodies earlier in the week when the weather was nice. Off a day for my Grandfather's funeral. Turned in Otter jaws. Went to local Hunter education meeting about the next class taught by community volunteers. Trained with K-9. Off on 4 day weekend.

This week called out by SO to some dumped deer carcasses near the lake boat ramp. Three were from last deer season and the fourth turned out to be from a local who had received a salvage tag and then was too lazy to dispose of the carcass properly. NTA to be issued for littering. Met with lake officials to get them to clarify boundaries and to get more purple paint in area. I was contacted by PD about possible trespassers in an area where fisherman and hunters go across the old trolley bridge near town onto a woman's property. Landowner has no use for trespassers. After searching the property with the landowners permission (sure could have used dog) suspects were cold enough to walk out and give up. One had a FTA warrant and some drug paraphernalia on him and got a trip to the SO law enforcement center. Both have pending criminal trespass charges. Met up with a guy who forgot to get his cat tagged on Friday. Following up on a guy who is selling baby squirrels from his truck. Worked on presentation and finished the racial profiling training as the snow and freezing precipitation fell.

Tuesday morning before attending Lt. retirement party I was called about a road hunter east of town.  The suspect was caught, confessed, weapons seized, and booked into the jail. Before I had the PC Affidavit to the court house I was told that he had already asked for the diversion paperwork. I also attended the NE Kansas 4 State GW meeting. Off on my 4 day the rest of the week.