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Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.


Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.


Spent the majority of the week getting caught up on miscellaneous paper work and reports.  Patrolled county and completed qualification with duty rifle.

Prepared and gave rifle training to new game wardens, assisted officer with attempt to catch some fishermen who several area anglers thought were grossly over limit on fish. After counting the fish they were legal.  Prepared for Cheney boat/firearms training.

Patrolled Reservoir and wrote NTA's for short saugeye.  Met county Judge and worked on KLER reports.

Worked with new GW’s and completed training task, met with CA, worked on disposing of evidence from past cases, gave (2) K-9 programs and completed general office work.

Checked on a family of owls for a lady. Worked on qualifying with the rifle. Vehicle maintenance, meeting with the KIA, and office work. Friday meet with the CA and worked Reservoirs.Saturday. Violations dealt with: Short saugeye, no boat registration and PFD not accessible.

Trip to Ka-Comm to deliver radios; got rifles to new Officers so they could qualify.

Slow week of patrol and office work.  Completed test KLER reports for Global.  Weekend traffic at reservoir slow.  Friday 5 boats on the water. Saturday not much better with 20 at the most. Sunday office work and sick leave.

Some fishing patrol early in the week.  Remainder of week used up some annual vacation overage.

Checked a lot more fisherman on the river and at the marsh once it started raining. Took a pair of baby owls to rehabilitor. Checked fisherman at reservoir.

Checked a few fishermen. Received a call on a tub with two deer heads with tags on them. After a quick KOALS check and a little leg work was able to find rightful owners. Seems that they had the heads sitting out and someone took them and tried to hide them under a cedar tree. Other than the theft, everything seemed legal. Visited with transferred officer and welcomed him to the district and gave him his new eval. Assisted Sheriff with yearly qualification and had officer come over to introduce him. General office.

Filed tickets and did KLER reports. Several wounded/sick critter calls this week. Worked on investigative reports and talked with CA about cases. Worked Reservoir checking boaters and anglers with fishing still slow. Fishermen having good luck out there checking several fish. General office work.

Still taking a few calls on critters, baby owls are falling out nests. The zoo does a great job with rehab. Rain has been a blessing some water in ponds and still have not seen any little pheasants. Worked reservoir over weekend cool weather and lack of water seem to have slowed down the recreational boating. Few catching walleye mainly bass seems to be all that are left. Tournament fishermen are ecstatic and doing very well.

Beginning of week, moved operations from one County to another County.  Wednesday, met with Lt. to discuss new position.  Patrolled new area, picked up maps from courthouses and met with important personnel in County. Thursday, caught up on paperwork and finished setting up office. Friday, patrolled, met neighboring County people, and washed truck.  Saturday, patrolled reservoir with officer.  Despite weather and wind, checked a few wipers and got some boat checks.  Sunday, met Lt. at shooting qualification to meet LE personnel in County. 

Returned phone calls, took a fawn in to rehabilitator, completed racial profiling training, took truck in to shop for issue with tire sensor system, worked on Kler reports, checked boaters at reservoir and issued a few citations for short walleye.

Tried to play catch up after coming off of vacation, checked a few fishermen, found a pair of guys on the wildlife area shooting squirrels but upon them seeing me watching them, one tried to walk away from his shotgun...guess he would of been better off trying to ditch the bag with the shot wood duck in it.  Evidence seized and citations issued.  Truck serviced and reports written.  Worked a very slow weekend at the reservoir.  Dealt with a opossum in a house.

Handled a couple of critter calls.  Investigated two lifetime hunting license's and approved both.  Helped deputies with a drug stop they made.  Worked my area lakes as well as some of officer’s while he was off, checked several fisherman.  Made a trip to get firearms stuff for next weeks training.

K9 programs on Friday. Saturday patrolled local area and Sunday worked at reservoir as only Warden 10-8.

Got patrol vehicle worked on. HIN inspection in County. Dead golden eagle. Nuisance animal calls in Counties. Spoke with County Sheriff and had to explain why half the wardens on his call list did not answer their phones. Need to make time to tour all counties in and provide Sheriffs with new "streamlined" callout list. Missing/Stranded boaters.  Spoke with PL manager about why LE Div. investigates dead eagles and why they need not try to handle it themselves.

Inclement weather conditions made lake activity very low in the early part of the week.  Met with county judge, and county SO staff.  Boat training, and patrolled reservoir for night fishermen.

Patrolled Reservoir and issued a short saugeye NTA. Went to reservoir and shot out of the boat. Patrolled Reservoir for an evening and then helped officer and Refuge staff with kids fishing program at  Reservoir.

Spent the entire week on Reservoir assisting with boat/firearms training. Training went well, ran smoothly and most thought it was good training. Came home to reservoir and held a "Kids Fishing Clinic" Saturday morning thanks for officers help. A lot breezy but the kids caught fish so it was successful.

Worked Reservoirs both this week. Fishing slow at both. Office work while it rained. Had the pleasure of taking Officer and myself to boat training. Violations dealt with: No boat registration and pfd not accessible.

Worked with GW and completed more training, attended training at reservoir, K-9 Demo and Boat Program at reservoir, worked area lakes over weekend.

Finished the racial and biased based policing online test; attended boat firearms; worked with Officer at reservoir - 4 day weekend.

Assisted with kids fishing/boating program at reseroivr for 42 kids.  Completed general office work.  Went to RO for a meeting.  Attended boat training.   Thanks to all those who took the time to help.  I know I had fun with it and felt safe during the entire process.  Assisted public lands on Thursday with a shelter at SFL which was ripped from its foundation during a storm the night before and hit a camper.  Long weekend off.

Training at reservoir, assisted with traffic control on fatality accident in county, work river.

General fish patrol with a couple of no fishing license violations located at state lake.  Worked a training day with Officer at reservoir, split drive distance. Attended boating shoot.  Off on 4 day.

Worked on investigations, shot from a boat at reservoir, and provided assistance with fatality accident on Friday in county.  Also worked with officer Friday night at reservoir.  Saturday worked river with little boating being done due to high winds. Sunday worked around the lake and enjoyed Father's Day activities.

Attended Phase VII training at reservoir. Found that it's a little tough to consistently hit a target at 75 yards from a moving boat. Introduced Officer to County court system workers and SO. Patrolled with him and showed him some of the area. Took a call on sick deer, took care of it and contacted biologist on how he wanted to handle samples. Checked a few fishermen. General office work.

To reservoir for boat training. River running good for over a week, catching some channels on liver and worms.  Wish we were getting at least half of that water going to go  into reservoir.  Checked boats and fishermen, catching a few walleye deep at reservoir.  Had 55 kids for the fishing clinic and 77 kids for the jet ski simulator and water safety program for OK kids day at reservoir, so good turn out. Gave away poles to the winners and a few for the drawing.  Fish report to daily news.

Attended phase VII training and shoot. Very well put together. Worked Festival over the weekend with officer.  Plenty of people in boats trying to catch the $5000 bounty bass even though winds were gusting around 45 mph, conducted two vessel assists in the first 30 minutes of the tournament.  Bass was not caught for the third year in a row. Checked boaters and fishermen citing one individual for no fishing license after he approached me and asked me to sell him one. Caught him 45 minutes later fishing without one. General office work.

Worked with local furdealer on lost fur.  Assisted with plane crash in County.  Attended training at reservoir -- thanks to those who helped with training looked like allot of work. Had a few critter calls after the storms.

Attended Phase VII training at reservoir.  Went to KDOT to fix encryption issues and update portable radio. Friday, patrolled with Lt.  Saturday, patrolled Reservoir with officer.  Slow fishing and rough conditions, due to extreme wind.  

Worked river catching flatheads up to 40 pounds. Worked Saturday 5 boats at east ramp. Spent several days in office working on KLER test cases. Took fox info to City. Will spend some time cleaning up truck and office this week and work river a little.

Monday picked up uniform items, went to RO and tookofficer home after he dropped off his old truck.  Tuesday attended training. Wednesday K9 training with Counties all day. Thursday office work.  Off on 4 day.

Spent the week at reservoir for boat firearms training.  Not completely sure yet but think I narrowly avoided blood poisoning from the pristine crystal clear waters of reservoir.  Completed the training and was about to go home but what would a trip to reservoir be without a stranded boat call so went out and pulled them in to shore. Overall think the training went well and was well received.

Office. Shoot @ reservoir. Nuisance badger and skunk complaints. SFST Refresher PD. Checked anglers @ stake lakes. Injured doe.

Spent time working reservoir.  To Reg 2 office for supplies.  Attended training.  Assisted with 2 capsized boats at reservoir over the weekend in extremely high winds.  All occupants had their PFD's on and that is the only reason we did not have another drowning.  Met with RP for some illegal stands on Wildlife Area.  Violations found.  No Boat Registration and 2 No License.

Lake patrol on reservoir with Park Ranger finding another bright soul with no PFD on his boat. Responded to a domestic in the state park. Completed monthly reports, KLER, bpc, casework, vehicle logs. Attended next phase of LE training. Best so far. Had a blast. Transported PWC simulator to RO office, and had the weekend off.

Meant to thank 5-State Officers for providing lunch at LE meeting last month and kept forgetting, thanks guys for that effort. Pretty much routine through the week, admin. chores, abandon fawn ( 1


 of the year ), phase ? training – interesting and yes a Glock can jam someplace other than the range and when you are counting on it to perform ( weak spring in old practice mag.)  Weekend was too windy on Saturday for boating but not too windy for idiots attempting to canoe the River.  With strong flow from reservoir release and recent rains, plus whitecaps from 25 to 38 mph winds, a couple canoes got stranded and called PTSO for assistance after they broke 3 paddles.   So SO deputy and I put airboat on and located canoes, gave them 3 new paddles and ordered them to put on their PFDs. Fifty yards downstream one canoe swamped putting 3 in the current, they managed to grab onto overhanging tree limbs, climb onto shore where they were later recovered by fishermen in a large jon boat. I think the PFDs saved at least one.

This week the normal administrative duties (smart.kler,t/l. etc).  I continued to try to get permission to use counties new radio system, they are apparently really, really busy, so I met with KDOT and I think we have everything worked out and now can  get things going.  Attended training (very good and very needed).  I met officers in county on Saturday, we hit a couple spots and then headed North.  We worked several spots in county after dark, they were able to visit scenic Park, 6 anglers...5 of them illegal.  We then worked outlet until late.  

Checked anglers and patrolled for boating activity. Continuous critter calls this spring. If people would learn to remove pet food from their porches at night....hint....hint.... for those that read the officer's logbook on the department web page!!!! Attended Phase VII In-Service at reservoir.

Checked a few boats around Lake. Assisted SO's with a trespass call. Responded to an incident regarding a subject hitting his head as he fell off a floating dock in "Party Cove". Worked in the office, organizing files, writing reports and reviewing videos. Attended the boat firearms training. It was really good and I appreciate the instructors' time and effort, putting it on. Met with a camper to do a vessel inspection on his boat. Dropped off reports and calibrated my PBT at the RO. 

This week I finished up the FOP conference.  On Tues. I attended firearms training.  I finalized some paperwork for the DHS grant, I also submitted information to get the new equipment inventory numbers.  Looked for people fishing and boating at Lake.  Made one BUI arrest on Sat. afternoon.

Worked in the office quite a bit this week getting caught up on reports and paperwork. Game breeder inspection in county on Tuesday. Went to training on Wednesday.  Off on 4 day.

Worked on collecting information on three separate investigations.  Completed some office work.  Gave a presentation to some cub and Boy Scouts. Turned in some tickets.  Attended boat training Lake.  Organized a fishing selective using bikes to check some stream and lake accesses.  Checked anglers at area lakes.

Worked on KLER Reports. Assisted stranded boater on reservoir just before rain set in, 3ft rollers, high south winds, then rain set in, subject had no clue what part of lake he was on, was able to locate and get him to shore. Spoke with SO in regards to radio update. Attended a fun shoot. Worked area waters for anglers. Surveyed the water levels after rains, reservoir is at pool after 4 yrs.

Office paperwork. KLER reports. Conducted HIN inspection. Patrol local lakes with anglers catching mainly panfish. Helped with a Game Warden career presentation for the local boy scouts. Lots of good questions from the kids and a few individuals interested in a natural resources profession. Attended the final phase of training.

Worked in the Office.  Time Sheets, Stat reports KLER.  Attended training.  Used some Leave Time, and participated in a Bike Fishing Selective in County.  

This last week took new truck to KaComm for emergency lighting, siren gun lock installation. Patrolled Counties for anglers. Catfishing has been good with the rains putting the rivers up and moving fish. Attended Phase VII training. Thursday more patrol for anglers as my reservoirs have started letting water out the discharge tubes. Cleaned weapons from Phase VII training and went on my four day weekend off.

Last week on Monday I worked in the office, processed KLER, went to the courthouse etc.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I was off.  Thursday I attended training.  Friday I worked in the office and reservoir in the evening.  Saturday I worked a rough and windy day at reservoir.  There was very little activity on the water but I did make a BUI that evening.  Sunday morning I got called  at 1 AM for a girl who was in a cove on a blue mat who managed to get a little too far from shore and the wind and waves took over.  No PFD and she managed to hang on to the mat and float all the way to the other shore.  UNBELIEVABLE!  Sunday worked a busy day on the lake with NRO and returned home to start paperwork.

Got oil changed and cleaned up old truck to deliver to Regional Office for backup status.  Attended final phase of training.  Good stuff. Worked around the county finding water rising in rivers making fishing really good in some spots.  Worked with Officer at reservoir in 40 mph winds, which made things pretty slow.  Assisted one boat that was having motor problems.  Checked some anglers at city lake participating in a catfish tournament, but things were not working with the high winds at the lake. Worked in the office on some paperwork.

Returned to work after using some vacation and worked on paperwork that came in while on vacation.  Returned a call about snagging.  Attended firearms training, thanks to all who made the training happen it was really good stuff.  Worked on some truck maintenance and got some supplies for the boat house. Ran the jet ski simulator on Saturday for a boating program.  Worked reservior on Sunday. 

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; processed KLER reports; had flat tire repaired; assisted NRO with taking his new patrol vehicle for equipment installation; completed and submitted KLER scenarios; attended phase VII of In-service firearms Training @ reservoir; investigated a report of shots fired/targeting shooting at the Creek arm of reservoir (juveniles); composed and submitted KLER report for investigation of  shots fired/targeting shooting at reservoir; cleaned firearms; worked one day at the Regional Office; composed and submitted the District's 3rd Quarter Report; and worked on NRO  PMP Annual Review close out. Off over the weekend with only a couple calls. 

This week I patrolled for anglers.  I had court Monday, but the guy didn’t show.  Worked the rivers for anglers one night.  Attended Phase VII training and had four-day weekend.

K9.  Received numerous critter calls.  Equipment, etc.  Office stuff.  Patrolled in the area, water has people out, but has limited the success on the river.  RO. Attended boat training.  Lot of driving for a little shooting, but it was valuable shooting.  Sick leave.  Picked up PWC.  Assisted him with a selective while there.  Staring at six years of paperwork, and seeing a few gallons of coffee in my near future.  Ka Comm almost done with truck.

Monday traveled to reservoir for in-service.  Tuesday had truck in for service and patrol. Wednesday picked up jet-ski simulator.  Thursday mowed grass at boathouse. Friday ran simulator  for cub scout day camp. Sunday cleaned guns from last week’s hunter ed. class and this week’s shooting and got simulator ready to go back.  Reservoir crested Sunday morning at just under 10 feet above conservation pool. (1050) All the ponds, lakes, stream and rivers are full.

Assisted with the final phase of in-service at reservoir all week. Took new truck to Ka Comm for radio install and picked up old truck Friday afternoon.

I was at the RO this week the usual paper work, Monday minutes, time sheets, 28-day stats, approved KLER reports, attended phase VII in-service, need more bullets!, taught NASP.

Enjoyed several days off on a mini vacation with the family. Back to Phase VII training. Worked fisherman over weekend.

Spent a lot of time on the river this week.  Most of the time was spent as a proactive measure.  As soon as the KDWPT truck shows up they either leave or they "replace the worm on their hook". Did some surveillance late into the early morning and of course they failed to show. Did issue an NTA for no fishing license during one of the river patrols for more river fun. Transferred jet ski.  Attended final phase of the in-service training.

I had the new truck delivered to my house this week thanks to the Lt and Capt. I took the new truck to reservoir for the shoot which was a good time. That huge gas tank on the truck is nice. I met with investigator on the deer case. Saturday was a long day. With the rope and rescue training I have been involved in, I have been recruited to a Kansas Technical Rescue Response crew. We spent most of the day working on ropes, knots, rigging, anchors and how to rig systems to save people from a variety of situations including wild land, water, and industrial settings. It is good training and a good team of guys including, medics, LE, Fire and others from every county in the area.

Worked in the office on Monday with all of the rain. Attended shoot. Worked the rivers in the evenings with all of the high water now. Checked some fishermen but not as many as I had expected. The ones fishing are catching flatheads. Received more "baby animal in need of rescue calls" than I care to count. All forwarded to Operation Wildlife or the biologists. On Saturday worked every body of water in 2 Counties from land and boat.  Went to reservoir and looked for snaggers at the outlet.

Spent Sunday with Officer helping out with the first of many hunter education classes. Went to RO on Monday and worked on KLER Reports. Patrolled with Officers, Friday was more boat training. Excellent and fun training, thanks to all of the Officers who had a hand in putting it together. Great job! Also got a lot of paperwork and training tasks finished this week with Officer.

Started the week out working with new officer. He got to see how much “fun” Monday’s are around the office. I took numerous critter calls this week. A falcon sitting on the sidewalk downtown that the RP was afraid some kid would be hurt by it. It was a fledged Kestrel. Took him to a tree row on the edge of town and turned him loose. A report of a raccoon looking in the window of the high school. Turned out to be a raccoon near the back door of the high school that had been run over, put him down. A brown bat showed up on the wall outside the restrooms at the city pool. Again the RP thought it was going to swoop down and eat a kid. Took him to the city park near a large tree and light pole and turned him loose. Had two calls just basically reporting they had baby owls in their barn. Then it hit me, I looked into the eastern sky and there was the answer. Full moon! Did get to write up one evaluation before making another trip to Ka Comm. Went to Phase 7 training at reservoir. Cleaned guns. Got the radios installed in the vehicle which is going out west.

We are still doing the teaberry shuffle with vehicles, attempting to get them to Ka Comm and then to shuffle them to another Ka Comm because they are too busy to work on contract equipment.   Travelled to reservoir and missed the dog, but hosed the rest. Returned to RO only to find a number of I want this and I want that from the general public.  Had to take one of the un-installs back to Ka Comm for a re-install as the team got a little side cutter happy and left us with radios that needed more wire, a speaker, and additional issues in the discovery process.  My thanks to all the officers that helped make the phase VII work.  

Worked Sunday at Reservoir, wrote NTAs for no boat registration, no wake and no fishing license. Worked with LT and GWC on Wednesday and was upgraded to PGW (thank you to everyone who assisted with this accomplishment, especially my trainer GWs). Office work the rest of the week and 4day weekend. 

This week i completed the majority of my riding with LT. patrolling various areas. Activity at reservoir during the week was low with activity during the weekend being fairly busy.  Myself, LT. and GW’s,put the patrol boat on reservoir Saturday and made over 40 boat checks.  Picked up new truck and spent some time organizing it. 

Completed travel voucher and timesheet, worked on more evidence disposals, returned firearm to poacher from deer season, worked with GW and completed training tasks and 120 hours of training, patrolled FISH properties and area Reservoirs with neighboring officers, completed vessel inspections, more general office work.

Worked Reservoirs, issued a NTA for no fishing license. Went to RO and picked a few things up and worked on office stuff. Cleaned a rusted up muzzleloader for hunter ed and drove around County.

Last week was spent getting caught up from the week prior and some time for a funeral, preparation and assistance for a class on Saturday for a Local Moms Firearms Class that was put on by a Local LEO that I assisted with the Laser Shot program. Covering miles checking fishermen and answering phone calls about upcoming Antelope and Deer questions.

Finished final FTO day and started the final FTO week with Officer; Office work with lots of KLER, travel authorizations, and travel vouchers; delivered Officer to Ka-Comm; worked reservoir with Officers.

Completed general office work throughout the week.  Went to RO to pick up supplies for officers and upcoming dry water.  Patrolled fishermen and boaters.  Saturday night was conducting boat patrol alone on reservoir, witnessed a violation which turned into a BUI.  Arrested the operator and took to jail.  Returned to the lake at midnight ahead of the pending storms for a stranded vessel assist on the west end of the reservoir.  Towed back to marina cove and secured in the slips for owner.

More time spent working the river.  Lots of sportsmen out for catfish. Many getting upset with the amount of drum. The supply of shrimp around town went dry so checked a few people using shrimp cocktail trays as bait. Wow. Few folks out handfishing....apparently it is not as much fun as when you can just walk in ankle deep water and clear out every knee deep hole.

Visitation at state lake is up dramatically, making for a busy week.   I think the B/G algae at reservoir is the cause.  I checked over 50 people catfishing from midnight to 230 AM on Saturday at SFL.  Approximately 35 campsites were occupied.  Dealt with quiet hours issues and alcohol possession.  No fishing violations were located.  Worked reservoir on Sunday but attendance is down.  Hit the creek, and  river to check handfishing and regular fishing. Located a few legal sportsmen.  Located a million mosquitoes that all seemed to want to feast on my eyeballs and other vittles?

Checked fisherman on the river and at the marsh. Caught up with violator that was suspended for failure to pay court fines and seized her fishing license. Worked in the office and on some equipment. A day of FOP leave.

Checked a few fishermen. Had a deer depredation complaint, antler through a tractor tire.  Assisted with Camp Hope, kids had a good time and caught a few fish. Took truck to get repaired (entire valve train and cam had to be replaced) good thing it is still in warranty. Went to pick it up and one of the new lifters was bad so it took an extra day. Dealt with supervisory issues and worked general office duties. Worked reservoir, extremely slow. Visited with  undersheriff. Two separate skunk calls.

Helped with Camp Hope, had good turnout, and kids had fun catching fish, glad to make these kids' day by helping them out and God Bless them!!  Had numerous phone calls over the week about various things.  Used some comp time.

Completed KLER reports and selective reports. Worked on boat seats. Continued working/investigating previous deer season cases. Several sick/wounded animal calls this week. Had oil changed in truck. Checked a few fishermen with very little success. General office work.

Great week for critters, lots of owls a few fawns and one poor snake trying to leave the scene with his head. Received info from West Virginia on more illegal fur. Working investigation on other reported Fur stolen from dealer. Checked a few fishing catching more mosquito's than fish since all the rain.

General office and patrol.  Tuesday, helped with fish clinic at Camp Hope.  189 fish caught, and everybody got plenty to eat.  Got truck oil changed and tires balanced and rotated.  Drove Lt. to pick up his truck, then drove him home because truck had new problems.  Off this weekend.

Tried to catch up on Emails and office tasks after being on vacation. Made some plans for upcoming dry-water event. Looked for fisherman and boaters at reservoir and SFL. Completed a KLER report. Worked boating at reservoir with officer on Sat. and Sun..

 K9 training. Evening patrol at lakes for boaters and fishermen. Saturday worked reservoir, fair amount of traffic, hauled in two boats.  Off on vacation.

Worked very slow fishing fathers day at Cheney due to rain and weather, tried to empty my truck after a week at reservoir, took some evidence to RO, checked some fishermen, assisted moving some boating ed material, dealt with some dead bird complaints and used a little comp.

Caught up on office work, cleaned up the patrol boat from training week, checked a few boats and fishermen, and used a couple days of comp.

Worked urban lakes. Worked lake did a lot of boat checks. Also Worked reservoir. Had a 26" and 27 " walleye caught at lake -- first walleye I have checked out there for some time.

Working on new truck and getting equipment back into the truck.  Checked on a boat dealer but individual was on vacation at the time.  Checked a few boats and fisherman at different locations.

Injured doe. Office. Nuisance animal calls. Patrol. Received intel on a bear poached across the border last fall and followed up on that.

Fishing patrol.  Went to office Monday morning to file police report of LE 4-wheeler stole.  Bad guys cut the fence, took a 4-wheeler from LE division, a 4-wheeler from the biologists, and a rifle from Public Lands.  Broke into some other stuff but didn't see anything else of importance missing.  Went to RO on Wednesday for equipment transfer.  Worked on new officer inventories.  Fishing patrol. Weekly intox test.

Took an injured owl to rehab.  Finally found time to complete some vessel inspections.  Filed tickets and reports to C.A. office.  Completed KLER reports.  Did a game breeder inspection.  Worked some nights and spent time at reservoir.  Violations found.  Light violation and No License X 2.

Had the weekend off.  Helped officer remove some leftover tree stands on the WA. Info received on capsized boat in high winds.  Operator borrowed boat but never told owner till a few days later.  Completed boat accident reports, worked in the office, completed online required training, and worked on items to put into whaler.  Moved around and reset some buoys on Reservpor with/for State Park staff.  Picked up the PWC simulator trailer from Reg. office. Took a day of leave.

Met with assisted hunt committee, filed ticket with court.  Loaned out PWC to Public Lands for goose rodeo.  Caught up on reports, but placed behind again with violations at beer garden/

Began the week with trip to K-State locating an ornithologist to assist in identifying bird feathers that  I removed from residence a few days back.  Ornithologist put me onto a Feather Atlas USFWS website and after a considerable amount of time doing comparisons I have more than educated guess to proceed.   Finished report on that case, filed NTA and gave that report to DAs office.  Took Whaler to shop to replace “scuppers” in hull.  Picked up jon boat from shop and returned it to boat house.  Later in the week picked up Whaler and put it back on the water, no leaks.  Provided live trap to residence after animal control passed my name and number to solve her coon problem. Worked Friday night checking locale fishing areas, we checked a couple boats after sunset and wrote one “race boat” an NTA for failure to operate running lights 35 minutes after sunset.  Every once in a while you get a smile when writing an NTA and with history of operator it was my moment.   Worked boaters on Saturday, no major issues.  Admin. chores filled in the gaps.

Assisted SO's with an investigation. Made a bunch of calls to try and get someone to remove a Cox cable line that was down in front of the ramp. Checked anglers at the outlet, around Lake and on the River. Completed a narrative report and turned it into the DA's office. Responded to a call regarding a stranded boater taking on water. Washed the truck and installed a new headlight bulb. Worked on Lake. Worked  on the River in County. Assisted SO's with a battery case that began as a check-welfare call in "party-cove".

Sunday worked around the county checking a fair amount of anglers having very little luck.  Monday spent the day completing paperwork and online training.  Tuesday checked more anglers and got my radios reprogrammed.  Wednesday picked up some equipment and then completed a  game breeder inspection in the afternoon and threw in a few angler checks.  Thursday checked a couple of boats and some more anglers and then finished up a kler report and other reports before starting my weekend off.

Sunday worked in the office.  Wednesday went to RO for supplies, went to Secretary's office for more supplies, patrolled and took ticket to court house.  Thursday went SO to see if they had any problems with some subjects.  Built some stands to hold up cover on flat bottom, patrolled reservoirs.  Friday patrolled -  finding several violations in the evening hours.  Saturday patrolled reservoirs finding an individual that couldn’t read eight or more no boating buoys on reservoir, ticket was issued.  Washed truck and issued ticket to hunting incident victim.  Worked on lots of KLER.

This week I used leave time on Sunday.  Worked on a BUI report and other misc. paperwork.  Had court in Co., defendant never showed up so judge issued a warrant for him.  This didn't surprise me because I interviewed this individual in the County Jail because he was arrested on a failure to appear warrant.  I worked on trying to get radios reprogrammed so I can finely work Co..

Took a vacation day on Tues.  Wednesday was spent getting caught up from being gone.  Worked local anglers and boaters the rest of the week.  Found a couple of noodlers on Friday in county. Saturday I worked a handfishing selective.  Weather was perfect for it, but did not find anyone out.

Worked on an illegal fishing investigation.  Dropped off tickets to the clerk of court.  Gave a kids fishing presentation.  Completed a Game Breeder Permit check at the pet store.  Answered some nuisance animal calls and questions.  Organized a Boating Education class.  Thanks to GW for his assistance.  Checked anglers fishing Lakes.  Transferred some equipment to reservoir.  

Office work. Updated inventory. Met with an individual from a previous sunken boat incident to return some gear that had floated off and I later retrieved. Worked on flatbottom boat and trailer. Patrolled local lakes for anglers. Water patrol at reservoir. Violations dealt with: 12 & under No PFD x's 2. Assisted the local SO with a DUI checklane. Assisted state park personnel with a drug-involved party. Helped teach a Boater Education course. Called reservoir regarding a missing PWC operator who had not been seen since the previous evening. Found victim 10-40. Investigation pending.

Met with CO Communications regarding the switch to digital frequencies. Patrolled area for anglers. Put patrol boat back in slip. Patrolled reservoir with Officer for light violations. Patrolled reservoir during a busy afternoon. Checked state lake. Started to look for people hand fishing.   

Worked out of the district Office.  Assisted the New Public Land Manager mow at Lake.  Transferred a Truck.   Participated in Hunter Ed, and Cops and Tots Fishing Tournament.  Worked a fatality boat accident on Sunday.    Worked on Time Sheets.

Last week checked anglers, issued a no fishing license NTA, worked on KLERs. Then filed NTA, KJDR reports with CA. Saturday patrolled Reservoir. Worked boaters in the afternoon and evening. Issued 6 NTAs on Saturday and arrested one Saturday night for BUI. Blew 0.167 on the 8000 when I finally got him in. Sunday assisted Boating Warden on Reservoir. Had several boater assists and a few warnings issued, with no alcohol cases being made. 

Last week on Monday I worked on KLERs reports, filed tickets, and worked on investigations.  On Tuesday I met with Lt and NRO to go over my case and interview a suspect.  Long interview/interrogation but we got what we needed.  Wednesday I worked on more reports.  Thursday and Friday off.  Saturday worked a busy reservior with Lt.    Sunday evening assisted parks with a domestic call and got to meet some interesting people.

Worked around the county still finding anglers around the rivers.  Assisted SO with a traffic issue.  Found one angler fishing without a license, after saying he had one and the system showed he didn't, he decided to be honest with me.  Washed truck, Worked in the office on KLER, and other items.  Turned in ticket to CA and worked on time sheet, etc., before weekend off. 

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; composed and processed KLER reports; closed-out a PMP Annual Review; accompanied NRO and Investigator on an interview; entered evidence into evidence storage for NRO; sent-out the District's tentative 28-day schedule; worked in the Regional Office a couple days; worked anglers at State Fishing Lake and County F.I.S.H. areas; and worked anglers at Reservoir. Saturday afternoon through late evening worked boaters at reservoir with NRO; towed in two vessels that were disabled. Sunday worked boaters with a COE Ranger at Reservoir with activity being low due to the algae bloom; refueled patrol boat. Violations encountered: no fishing license, no fire extinguisher, unserviceable fire extinguisher, wake zone violations, 12 & under not wearing PFD, PFDs not accessible, skier down flag violations, no sound producing device, and no boater education certificate.  

This week I ran a bobwhite quail whistle survey.  I assisted in banding Canada geese.  I patrolled for anglers.  And I had a night selective.

This week I went to RO on Monday to remove a gun from the safe and pick up supplies. On Tuesday I assisted with goose banding in the area. I took the jet-ski simulator back to RO on Wednesday and patrolled in the evening at reservoir. Thursday had a meeting about a project being done on the silting in of reservoir. Friday qualified a seasonal ranger. Off over the weekend. 

Monday office work and removed last decals from the old truck as Ka-Comm said the new truck would be done by Friday. Tues and Wed off. Thursday worked on press release for Operation Dry Water and worked on gearing the old truck back up for patrol over the weekend since Ka-Comm said they wouldn't have the new truck done like they thought they would. Friday worked evening and nighttime, making cases at the state lake on alcohol possession and fishing violations. Saturday morning worked on KLER reports and patrolled the state lake and reservoir checking boats and anglers. Sunday cleaned the PWC from in-service and patrolled with it on the reservoir making boating cases. Started the 10th week with the new vehicle at Ka-Comm. 

Started the week getting caught up from being at Cheney. Got a call of trespassing in County and landowner got pictures of the truck. Tuesday went to KLETC for glock armorer recertification. Ended the week in the ER trying to get my back pain under control.

This week worked with GWC and finished several training tasks. Met with CA on some past and upcoming cases.  Finished all of my game breeder inspections. Worked WA and Dams finding numerous violations. Assisted local PD with a 10-95. Worked County and assisted SO with fatality motorcycle accident. 

Training with Officer and Issued several NTA's this last week. One person was only baiting hooks, but after watching him from a hidden location, he decided that "baiting hooks" was boring and decided to fish. Two NTA's for no PFDs, and 3 NTA's for no fishing license.  Also investigated a dead deer. Appeared to have a "brain abscess". Also helped local Sheriff's office on a fatality wreck here in County.

I attended the first of many FOP Meet and Confer meetings. I turned in reports to the Co County Attorney on the snagging case from last week. I helped get GW truck from Ka-Comm and worked on investigations. Had a meeting in RO and attended another round of Technical Rope Rescue training.

Worked on cleaning equipment and boat from the training. Picked up and dealt with an injured deer. Worked in the office and checking some fishermen and some boats. Helped wildlife bio with the goose banding. Attended the commission meeting. Got my vehicle serviced and cleaned up. Worked a boating and fishing selectivel.

Spent way too much time dealing with evidence from a previous case. Disposed of some evidence from past cases. Attended FOP meeting. Worked with investigator on some reptile stuff. Patrolled Counties, checking fishermen at the river and spillway. They are catching walleyes but no flatheads with the water release. Set trap for a problem skunk an elderly lady was having trouble with. Wouldn't you know it, I caught it on my day off? So went there and relocated the skunk to a better place. Off on a 4 day, almost.

Helped thaw out a pile of deer so he could return one. Delivering uniforms to several folks. Wrote a news release for the upcoming Operation Dry Water event. Made another trip to auction. Attended the commission meeting. Working on mid-year evals. Helping get estimates after his truck got backed into. Worked a selective. NTA’s for over capacity, and untagged limb lines.