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Bowhunter Education

Protecting our hunting heritage through safe, knowledgeable and responsible hunters.

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As amended and effective July 1, 2007, Kansas law provides:

Bowhunter education is not required to purchase a big game archery permit from the State of Kansas.

Kansas has adopted the National Bowhunter Education Foundation's (NBEF) International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) of bowhunter education. This internationally accepted course teaches bowhunters to be ethical, considerate, humane and safe. Kansas' volunteer instructors are experienced bowhunters certified to present the materials outlined in the NBEF/IBEP course.

A few of the topics covered in an NBEF/IBEP bowhunter education course include: hunter ethics, treestand safety, shot placement and shot selection, and blood trailing.

NOTE: Other states, provinces and certain federal properties may require a bowhunter education certificate from a state-sponsored or NBEF/IBEP course in order to bowhunt. It is the responsibility of the hunter to research certification requirements before traveling to other states, provinces or federal properties to hunt.


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The goal is to perpetuate bowhunting by providing the fundamentals of good, safe bowhunting with an appreciation and respect for the environment and to maintain the highest standards for the sport.

The objective of the IBEP is to instill in bowhunters a responsible attitude and to assist them in adopting and following acceptable behavior towards people, wildlife and the environment in which they hunt.

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