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Marais des Cygnes Waterfowl Report

Waterfowl numbers Few teal.
Mallard migration rank

MMR = 0.

0 = No Mallards, 1 = Very Few Mallards, 5 = Moderate Numbers, 10 = Peak

Water levels Heavy rain on Sept. 3rd provided some runoff.  A little water in most units, but best water in F Units.
Hunting/ Habitat conditions Fair unless we receive more runoff rain.  We do not anticipate pumping for teal season.  Relatively light hunting pressure.
Hunting success Saturday (9/20) thru Tuesday (9/23):  42 teal / 40 hunters = 1.1 success.  Season:  365 teal / 179 hunters = 2.0 success.

Waterfowl report is updated only if there are significant changes in waterfowl numbers or hunting conditions.

Teal hunters must register before hunting and report harvest after the hunt (KAR 115-8-1).  Notice: You must fill out reports completely and accurately. False reports will be prosecuted.

Outboard motors are restricted on this wildlife area and are allowed in Unit G and in the boat lane only in Unit A-East. Outboards are not allowed in any other wetland units. Electric trolling motors are unrestricted. Boats must be operated at wakeless speed.