Texas Lake Wildlife Area


10270 NW 130th Ave.; Haviland, KS 67509
Cullison, KS 67509
GPS: 37.65170 -98.97849

Contact Information

Manager: Todd Gatton
Phone: (620)895-6446

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The first 320 acre portion of Texas Lake Wildlife Area was purchased in 1976. With additional purchases, the area now encompasses 1200 acres. Most of the purchase and development effort on the area was made possible through Ducks Unlimited's Matching Aid to Resore States' Habitats (MARSH) program.


Although Texas Lake is a natural wetland, prior to its purchase by the State of Kansas most of the area was farmed and some filling of wetlands occurred. Today, intensive management has restored both wetland and upland areas. This combination of native grasslands, shelterbelts, plum thickets, and an extensive wetland complex now create an unusual diversity of habitat for this relatively small area. The marshes have been developed with a system of pipes, pumps, and dikes. Many different pools can be managed with the 345 acre-feet of water rights available. The wetlands within this area are managed primarily fo migrating waterfowl and shorebirds. Water conditions may vary greatly depending on weather, season, and management objectives.

Special Regulations:
  • This is a "non-toxic shot only" area. Possession of lead shot is prohibited.
  • Vehicles are restricted to maintained roads and parking areas.
  • This is a no-trash area. All trash carried in must be carried out.
  • Hunters are required to obtain and complete a free day-use permit. These are available in each parking lot and instructions are posted.
  • Camping is allowed in the parking lots only and no facilities are available.