Perry Wildlife Area News

Area News

Nine managed Dove fields are located on the Perry Wildlife Area totaling 90 acres. All fields on the area are mixed fields with wheat centers and sunflower borders except one 5.5 acre field on Headwater Road and one 3 acre field north of the Area Office.

Two fields are located north of 190. The east field will be open to all access and the west field will be refuge until Tuesday September 3.

One special hunts field will be located at the corner of 186th and Finney just northwest of Reichart marsh. This field will in special hunts September 1 and 2 and will open to the general public on the 3. It is a NON-TOXIC field throughout the season.

A NON-TOXIC field will be located south of Headwater and Cove road totaling 5.5 acres.

Two field totaling 12 acres will be located just north of the Area Office.

Two fields totaling 14.5 acres will be located northwest of the intersection of Finney and 170.

And the last field is located on the southwest corner of Ferguson and 154 street in the Youth and Mentor/Handicapped field. Each adult must be accompanied by an actively hunting youth to be hunting this field unless State of Kansas handicapped.

Mandatory Hunter Survey Cards will be required during the first week of the Dove season and will be available in the Parking lots.