Logan Wildlife Area


Russell Springs, KS
Phone: 785-726-3212
GPS: N38 55 55.64 W101 14 09.28

Contact Information

Manager: Kent Hensley
Phone: (785) 726-3212

Location: 1.5 mile north and 3 mile west of Russell Springs, KS.

A Google Earth of the entire area is now available:

Logan Google Earth (kmz file)


In 1954 The Kansas Fish and Game Commission acquired the 271-acre Logan Wildlife Area.


Trees such as cottonwood, elm, and willow can be found along the lake shoreline and the associated drainage into the lake. The majority of the area is rangeland with a mixture of short grass and mid grass prairie. Buffalo grass, little bluestem, side oats grama, western wheat grass, and Indian grass are some of the native grasses found on the area. Yucca can be found interspersed throughout the rangeland. Food plots of milo and wheat are often planted on the area to provide food and cover for wildlife.

A diversity of both game and non-game wildlife can be seen at the Logan Wildlife Area. Due to its size, wildlife is easily driven off the area by light hunting pressure, so hunting good opportunities are often limited. The area supports a fair population of Ringneck pheasants. Upland bird hunters can be successful hunting the food plots during cold or inclement weather. Mule and whitetail deer, dove, rabbits (jack and cottontail), and coyotes in low numbers are also found on the area. During the fall and spring, various species of ducks, Canada geese, and other migratory birds use the lake as a resting area. Waterfowl hunting is very inconsistent and varies with weather and water levels. Great blue herons and black-crowned night herons can be observed along the shoreline of the lake. Other wildlife that frequent the area are badgers, hawks, owls, magpies, shore birds, song birds, snakes, turtles, and rodents.

Several Species of fish are when the lake level is adequate to support a fishery. They include channel catfish, bluegill, sunfish, and occasionally wipers. Other species such as green sunfish, black crappie, and black bullheads may also be present. Growth of fish at Logan SFL is accelerated due to the cyclic refilling, which creates high nutrient levels. Quality is usually good to excellent for the duration of the lake. Statewide length and creel limits are in effect for pertinent species when water is available.

Special Regulations:
  • Vehicles are restricted to maintained roads.
  • Off Road Vehicle and Horse use is prohibited.
  • Camping is allowed on 2 designated areas.
  • Steel shot is required for waterfowl hunting.
  • Consult the annual hunting, fishing and furharvesting regulations for more complete rules and regulations that apply to Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism areas.