Hodgeman State Fishing Lake

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With hunting seasons here, the gate at the entrance has been locked to allow for a better hunting experience. If you wish to access this area as a handicapped hunter please contact the manager to better gain access.

 The Lake was recently stocked with adult bluegill and small channel catfish (10/14/2013).


Jetmore, KS
GPS: N38 02 52.00 W99 49 31.40

Contact Information

Manager: Brent Clark 620-276-8886


The original 254 acres was purchased in 1956 with Federal DJ funds. An additional 247 acres wsa purchased by the department from Judy Delaney in 20141.


Hodgeman State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area is a 501 acre public hunting and fishing area. The property is located in Hodgeman County two miles south and three miles east of Jetmore, Kansas. Approximately366 acres of the area is native grass with timber along the drainage and lake edge,48 acres of cropland, and intermittent lake covers approximately 87 acres when full. In 2005 money was allocated to the area to help seal the property due to a fault line in the northwest part of the lake. A heavy plastic linear was placed at the bottom of the lake, along the dam and outlet structure. The liner covers approximately 4 acres of the lake bottom.


Although the drainage has an excellent history of supplying water to the lake, the lake has a history of losing this water within a year or two after filling. Numerous studies have been carried out in an attempt to identify the leak. Results have been less than decisive. It is believed that the lake bottom may be porous enough to allow widespread loss. In the future, a sealing process may be developed that could be used. When water is available, all attempts are made to stock the area with channel catfish, largemouth bass, bluegill, and redear sunfish. If possible, catchable size fish are stocked to supply immediate opportunities. The lake is currently 3/4 full (10/14/2013).


Hunting is allowed on all portions of the property. Species available include white-tailed and mule deer, pheasant, dove, rabbit, and waterfowl when water is present. The area is closed to all vehicle traffic during the hunting seasons or year-round when water is not available. A parking lot is available at the main entrance for visitor convenience. When the entrance gate is closed access is by foot traffic only. Vehicle access is restricted to improve the quality of hunting on the area.

Special Regulations:
  • Please check current written regulations and posted information at the entrance for creel and size limits
  • Vehicles should stay on established trails. Off trail driving is prohibited.
  • Vehicles are allowed to the west end of the dam during fishing season (March to September) when fishing is available. The entrance gate is closed during hunting season (October to February) or when the lake is dry.
  • Open fires are not allowed on the area.
  • A no trash policy is in effect. Please take your trash with you.
  • Consult area information boards or the area manager for additional information concerning rules and regulations.