Geary State Fishing Lake News


Due to the reduction of staff, this area will be minimally maintained and the restrooms will remain closed. 

Since we do not currently have the staff to maintain this area the grass will not be mowed, trash picked up or restrooms open.  We are currently working to establish a maintenance contract to provide these services but that may take several months.  The roads will continue to be graded twice each year and the boat ramp will remain available for use.

Camping information:

The designated primitive camping area is free of charge and no reservations are needed. Camping is limited to 14 consecutive days on the property. There are several picnic shelters, fire rings and yard lights, one 2-stall vault toilet, and one boat ramp. There is no running water and no electrical outlets are available. There is a SAFETY ZONE posted from the east bluff above the campgrounds down to the lake. The remaining area is open to public hunting, fishing and trapping.

Campground update:

Concrete pads were poured for 8 fire rings and several new fire rings were installed in the fall of 2013. Lake shore access continues to be improved through cutting trees, low hanging branches and burning the lake shore each spring. Filter rock continues to be spread along the lake shore to improve fishing access.

Fishing regulations are posted on the kiosks by the main entrance, the upper east road and next to the boat ramp. Lake maps and fishing regulation pamphlets are available at the kiosks at the main entrance, west side and east side.

Wildlife Area:

The west side was burned in 2011. The south end of the wildlife area was burned the spring of 2010 with the help of neighboring landowners. Both the east and west sides were burned last spring. The native grass areas are routinely burned to help maintain good quality forbs in the grasslands and to help control excessive woody invasion. Our tree shearing efforts were continued again this year. We have been cutting invasive trees in the grasslands and are working to build a firebreak on the south end by clearing the trees and brush along the property line. The east side of the lake is scheduled to be burned in the spring of 2014.