Rooks State Fishing Lake


Stockton, KS
GPS: N39 24 04.10 W99 19 06.19

Contact Information

Manager: Michael Zajic
Fish Biologist: Mark Shaw
Webster Area Office
1140 10 Road
Stockton, Ks. 67669
Phone: (785) 425-6775

The Area islocated 2 1/2 miles South and 2 miles West of Stockton, KS.

Google Earth of the entire area is available:

Rooks SFL Google Earth (kmz file)


Rooks State Fishing Lake is located 2 1/2 miles south and 2 miles west miles of Stockton. The property is managed by Ks. Department of Wildlife and Parks and comprises 67 acres of water and 246 acres of land. The lake dates back to 1934, when it was built by the Works Progress Administration and the State Forestry, Fish, and Game Commission.


The lake periodically goes dry due to irregular inflows. When the lake is dry, portions of the area are closed to minimize maintenance costs. A camping area located by the boat ramp and toilet remains open for use.
The lake is open year round, except during dry periods, for fishing with a portion of the area closed from Nov. 1 to Mar. 1 to hunting and vehicles to enhance wildlife related opportunities and reduce litter and vandalism that have historically occurred during periods of low use. Alcoholic and cereal malt beverages are not allowed on the area.
The fishery is managed to facilitate the fluctuating lake level. Bluegill, channel catfish, largemouth bass and redear sunfish are stocked each time the lake fills. The fish then grow fast in the nutrient rich water providing good fishing opportunities for the remainder of each lake life span.
Motorized boats are allowed on the lake for fishing activities only. The lake is small, so a no wake speed is recommended. A concrete boat ramp and floating dock are located in the northeast corner of the lake. Be aware of flooded vegetation due to water level fluctuation.
A diversity of both game and non-game species can be found, but due to the small size of the area, their numbers are relatively low.
Consequently, hunting opportunities are limited since wildlife is either quickly harvested or driven off the area. Some sporadic good hunts are possible as wildlife moves on and off the area.
Both whitetail and mule deer are present, but populations are low. A few turkeys can also be found on the area long the riparian zone. Upland game birds present on the area include pheasant and quail.
Other wildlife that utilizes the area includes coyotes, badgers, mink, rodents, raptors, song birds, waterfowl, and shore birds as well as a variety of amphibians and reptiles native to the region.
Camping is allowed in the four designated camping areas along the east shoreline of the lake. A vault toilet is located near the boat ramp. A walk way facilitates access from the shelter house to the toilet.
Picnic tables are located in the campgrounds around the lake. One group shelter is available.

Special Regulations:
  • An information shelter is located near the boat ramp providing current information and regulations
  • A no trash policy is in effect, so please pack home everything you pack in.
  • Vehicles are only allowed on maintained roads and parking lots.
  • No alcoholic or cereal malt beverages allowed.


Turn in polluters, poachers, unsafe boaters, and public land vandals.
Call: 1 800-228-4263