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More Information About Avian Influenza

Click on the links below to explore websites and articles about with avian influenza.  

Avian Influenza in Field Guide to Wildlife Diseases ( USGS) – 1999/00/00

Avian Influenza in Wild Birds (USGS Wildlife Health Bulletin #04-01) – 2004

Update on Avian Influenza in Wildlife Birds (USGS Wildlife Health Bulletin #05-02) – 2005

Screening For Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Avian Influenza In Migratory Birds (USDA , USDOI, US HHS) – 2006/03/00

Guidelines for Handling Live Birds (USGS Wildlife Health Bulletin #05-03) – 2005/08/29

Avian Influenza Maps (2005-2009 Outbreaks) (NWHC)

Flu.gov (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)