Chase State Lake

Chase SFL.jpg
This Location does have Boat Access Fishing Forecast Wildlife Area

Cottonwood Falls, KS

3 miles W of Cottonwood Falls

Regional Office: 316-683-8069

Public Land Manager: Brent Konen - 620-767-5900

GPS Location: 38.3698 -96.5818

Cottonwood Falls, KS

Impoundment Type: State Fishing Lake

Surface Acres: 109 acres

Maximum Depth: 45 feet

Normal Lake Level: N/A

Fishing PopulationCreel LimitMin Length Limit
Channel Catfish 5 15
Flathead Catfish 5
Largemouth Bass 5 13-18
Saugeye 5 18
Smallmouth Bass 5 15
Spotted Bass 5 15
Walleye 5 18
Crappie 50
Green Sunfish
White Bass
* Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass in Combination
** Striped Bass or Wiper in Combination
*** Walleye, Sauger or Saugeye in Combination

Fishing Report - Last Update: 3/17/2015

Species Rating Size Baits, Method, & Location
Zebra Mussels Have Been Discovered in Chase State Fishing Lake.    

Chase SFL is now an ANS designated water. Read the news release HERE.

 Zebra mussel veligers (larval zebra mussels) are too small to be seen with the unaided eye and they can be found in boat livewells, minnow buckets, boat bilges, and anything else that is capable of holding even a small amount of water.

 Be sure to drain all equipment before leaving the lake to avoid moving veligers to other waters. THIS INCLUDES MINNOW BUCKETS AND BOAT LIVEWELLS AND BILGES!!!

 CLEAN DRAIN & DRY Every Lake, Every Time!

 Click HERE to learn how to prevent the spread of zebra mussels.

New Video Available    

KDWPT Fisheries Biologists annually sample largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass populations to gather valuable data which is used in formulating fisheries management plans. This video shows a summary of a typical day in the electrofishing boat while sampling is being conducted.

See the video at .

New Fishing Newsletter     We have created a fishing newsletter that can be sent out to all that want it. This newsletter is for fishing information for the El Dorado District (Cowley,Butler, Chase, & Morris counties) only. To subscribe, click HERE .
Channel Catfish Fair up to 10 pounds

Chase SFL usually produces some good cold water fishing action for channel catfish.  Look in the deeper portions of the lake.  Good baits are fresh cut shad, fresh cut sunfish, or shad sides.  On warmer days, look for the catfish in shallow water where the temperature is greatest.

Harvest regulations include a 15-inch minimum length limit and 5/day creel limit.

Largemouth Bass Fair up to 15-inch

Jigs and plastics near shallow cover.

There is a 13 to 18 inch slot limit on Largemouth Bass in effect at the lake.

Saugeye Fair up to 18-inch Swimbaits, flukes, jigs, and jerk baits off the rocky points and the dam.
Spotted Bass     Jigs and small crank baits fished near the dam and shoreline breaks.
Bluegill     Few recent reports
White Crappie Fair up to 10-inch Look for concentrations of crappie along ledges, brush piles, and points in the deeper areas of the lake.  Vertically fishing jigs is a great wintertime tactic.  Warming water temperatures will attract the crappie to shallower water around cover.
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