Perry Reservoir

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Perry Reservoir Map
This Location does have Boat Access Fishing Forecast Region 2 Public Fishing Reports State Park Wildlife Area

GPS Location: N39 08.659 W95 29.372

Perry, KS

Impoundment Type: Reservoir

Surface Acres: 11,630 acres

Maximum Depth: 43 feet

Normal Lake Level: 891.5 feet

Perry Lmb 5-14

Perry lmb 2 5-14

Perry Smb 5-14

Perry young smb 5-14

Perry bg 5-14

Grass Carp 5-14

perry wb 8-14

Perry sauger and shad

Perry G shad


Fishing PopulationCreel LimitMin Length Limit
Channel Catfish 10
Crappie 20 10
Flathead Catfish 5
Green Sunfish
Largemouth Bass 5 18
Sauger 5 18
Saugeye 5 18
White Bass
Walleye 5 18
Blue Catfish 5 35
* Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass in Combination
** Striped Bass or Wiper in Combination
*** Walleye, Sauger or Saugeye in Combination

Fishing Report - Last Update: 8/29/2014

Species Rating Size Baits, Method, & Location
Zebra Mussels Super Infectious! up to 3/4" Since the infestation was discovered in Oct. of 2007 these mussels have spread throughout the lake. It's up to all of us to make sure these are not spread to other area lakes, Clean-Drain-Dry everything that is taken out of Perry. Mussels will be start spawning as the water temperature gets to around 54 degrees. I've taken four, no big jump in numbers!
Summer Fishing Opportunities RED HOT   For fishing tips or more current information provided by fishermen like yourself click Got to Fish and look for your lake.
Perry News Letter Good-Excellent 4 Pages (lots of pics) Twice a year I will be publishing a news letter for Perry and other waters in my District. The next issue is available now, Perry Reservoir and Holton Banner Creek are in this edition. If you would like the letter e-mailed to you click Perry/Banner Creek Newsletter and fill in the blanks. I'll be working on a new newsletter shortly!
Channel Catfish Fair-Good up to 8.0 lbs The fish feeders are in and feeding sinking food at: 7:30, 8, noon, 7 and 8 pm.  Shad sides work great this time of year, fished shallow on wind swept banks.  Saw good numbers of shad when we sampled a couple of weeks ago, little bigger than I'd like but there are tons of them!
Sauger Fair up to 2.0 lbs. Jigs and twisters off of the those gravel rocky points, fish are just feeding now.  
Largemouth Bass Fair up to 4.5 lbs.

Crank and spinner baits worked slow around the structure, rip-rap.  Made time to work on the May electrofishing data: we sampled 131 lm bass in 4.45 hours of electrofishing time, or 19.55 Stock length fish (8" or greater)/hr with the largest being 5.66 lbs.  All these fish were in good body condition and we had a pretty good number of young fish from last year. 

Smallmouth bass are showing up in lots of places!  We sampled 108 sm bass in the same 4.45 hours however the majority of these were 4-5" fish from last year.  The largest we sampled was 2.32 lbs and was in good body condition. 

White Bass Fair-Good up to 1.5 lbs. Twister or roadrunners will produce fish off of those rocky points or the humps or islands.  Have seen some busting shad on the surface.  
White Crappie Fair up to 1.0 lbs. Fish have scattered for the summer, tube jigs or minnows, 12-14' of water over brush.
Blue Catfish Slow up to 2 lbs. Electrofished the other day and saw a few small ones.  Tried a couple new spots on Wednesday and sampled one that was 24" long, I know we are getting some bigger fish out there.

I see some of you have visited the new Facebook page.  I've been posting on it: walleye egg collection, stocking and electrofishing photos from other lakes that are not on the fishing reports click this link hopefully you'll LIKE what you see!

Water is about 2'3 over conservation pool and the Corps is releasing so the outlet fishing will be getting better!

Added some pictures from our gizzard shad sampling on Tuesday.


Click on Perry Reservoir above the fishing report to look at the May electrofishing pictures. Click on the underlined fish species and it will take you to the updated Fishing Forecast. Zebra mussels were confirmed on 10-9-07, so make sure you clean, drain and dry your boat after leaving Perry.