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General Questions

Look here first for answers to common questions about where and how to fish.  This section also answers questions about state record fish, eating the fish you catch, and information on the fish that live in Kansas waters 

Updated: 7/25/05

Taste is an individual preference and is in no way an indicator of contamination. Off flavor can be caused by algae in the water, but is rarely toxic. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) monitors water quality throughout the State and along with KDWP makes fish consumption recommendations. For more information about consumption advisories, click on the following link: Are my fish safe to eat?  or contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment at (785) 296-5571.

Updated: 7/25/05

While sunfish and minnow species are most commonly affected; most other fish, such as channel catfish, will have at least a few parasites.  Most fish diseases and parasites are specifically found in fishes and are not harmful to man, especially if the fish is properly cooked before being eaten.  For additional information, click here.